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Kong Tik Soe Building is the synagogue to pay their respects to their ancestors, standing at the end of 1845, initiated by Lieutenant Khouw Giok Soen, Lieutenant Tan Hong Yan and Major Be Tjioe Ing.
Located in Gang Lombok 60 Semarang, standing on the land ¬Ī 2176 m2, the building was divided into three rooms. West side, formerly an office of Kong Koan, is now used for Medicine Center Foundation Tjie Lam Tjay. Den continues to function as a tribute to the ancestral altar, the east room to the office secretariat functioned Kong Tik Soe Foundation,¬† Tjie Lam Tjay Foundation and Khong¬† Kauw Hwee Foundation.



Since 1935, the Building Societies Kong Tik Soe is Kauw Khong Hwee started its activities, and then January 1, 1950 is used for eradication of illitary courses which the origin of Kuncup Melati Kindergarten and Elementary School is.

Kong Tik Soe Building is a symbol of virtue and at the same time as a witness for the advancement of education in the city of Semarang. In this building with thousands of students ever attend school for free, without any cost.


Notes from the corner of the old table......

1935, Circle of Friends

Khong Hwee Kauw Semarang stand on Tuesday, 24 September 1935 or Pee Gwee, 27-2486, at 9 AM in Tiong Hoa Hwee Kwan building in Plampitan 35 Semarang. Initiated by Mr. Liem Khiem Siang and Mr. Souw Tiang Ing. "These two people saw that the ‚ÄėToo-Tik‚Äô (wisdom and morality) of people was getting worse, they argued that one way to solve this phathetic circumstance is to held well education."



For the first time appointed as the Chairman of the Society for Kauw Khong Hwee is Mr. Liem Mo Lien and as vice chairman is Mr. Ong Kiem Tjo. Activities are holding on ‚Äô lezing‚Äô (lecture) Master of Confucianism, led by Mr. Liem Khiem Siang, every ‚Äėce-it‚Äô and ‚Äėcap-go‚Äô in Kong Tik Soe building.

After more than five years of guiding Society, on March 8, 1941 Mr Liem Khiem Siang was passed away, then by  the initiative of Mr. Tan Ngo Siang on 11 April 1941 reorganization was held to rearrange the new organization and elect  Mr Oei Tiong Djioe as Chief Executive to replace Mr Societies Mo Liem Lien, who resigned. So did the leaders of lectures followed by Mr Lie Ping Lien who has extensive knowledge of Confucius.

Not long after the reorganization of community, in 1942, Japanese troops attacked and occupied Indonesia, including Semarang, even Khong Kauw Hwee as the ‚ÄėPaguyuban Kebatinan‚Äô (Society for Psychotherapy) affected, and experiencing the pressure until it was broken down.

After Japanese occupation ended and Indonesia has been independent, Kauw Khong Hwee Society hadn’t started its activities back , but suddenly on August 18, 1946, Mr Liem Siauw Tjong as an Executives of Ta Chung Sze, invited Mr. Lie Ping Lien to be a speaker talks about the Great Teacher Confucianism. Finished listening to lectures, one of the participants, Mr The Sien Tjo shared their opinions so that Confucian lecture was held with the routine, it has received support from the audience and agreed to by Mr. Ko Kwat Tiong.

Then as the realization of this activity was established Kung Chiao Yen Chiu Hui (Khong Kauw Gian Kioe Hwee). To further talks, took place in Confucian Ta Chung Sze building and held regularly every first and third week. More and more enthusiasts who follow this lecture, until the second week and the fourth are also used for deepening of the essence of Confucianism teaching


On November 9,  1947, to re-establish Kauw Khong Hwee, Preparatory Committee was formed and established members of the boards:

Leader                  :  Ong Kiem Tjo.
Advisory               :  The Sien Tjo.
Mr. Ko Kwat Tiong.
Superior General   :  Lie Ping Lien.
Chairman             :  Ong Yong Wie.
Chairman Young   :  Be Sik Tjong.
Authors I             :  Tan Ngo Siang
Authors II            :  Tjoa Tjiauw Liem
Treasurer I           :  Ong Kiem Sing.
Treasurer II          :  Lie Ing Liem.
Assistant              :   Njo Liem Hoo.
Khoe Tjee Tjwan.
Liem Bie Gwan.
Tjoa Tjoen Djhiang.
Liem Hong Kwie.
Huey Toen Kie.

In Mid-July 1948, Ta Chung Sze held Fancy Fair to help the poor in rural areas. Therefore, all the rooms used for these event then Kauw Khong Hwee Society activities moved back to Kong Tik Soe building and every ‚ÄėImlek ce-jie and cap-lak‚Äô held discussions about Confucianism teaching.



from Khong Kauw Hwee
Located in the building of KONG TIK SIOE in G. Lombok 60
every Sunday afternoon from 4:30 PM until 6:30 PM
It‚Äôs held for every body, except if there is other reason, will be anounced in the Daily,''Sin Min.‚ÄĚ
Sunday the 1st and 3rd : Lezing about Kauw Khong,
Sunday the 2nd and 4th:  Understandings of Tayhak, Tiongyong etc.
Sunday the 5th:  Lezing of the public.
Each Lunar ‚Äėtjaplak‚Äô month, from 8- 10 pm
there are questions and answers sesions about ‚ÄėKhong Tjoe‚Äô etc.¬† For the public,
Lunar ‚Äėdjeedji‚Äô at 8 to 10 pm there is course of psychotherapy.
Source: Khong Tjoe Tjising Book 2500/1949


Although Indonesia has been independent but state circumstances unfavorable consequences of war which is still often the case, many refugees arrive in Semarang. The economy is very low, the institution of rare and very expensive. So it is not surprising that met children who are not in school, just play all day, always hanging around and surely illiterate. All events were not separated from the observation of Mr. Lie Ping Lien. Understand the background of these children, he got a simple idea to just providing education in reading, writing and arithmetic. The idea received support Mr Ong Yong Wie, Mr Tan Ngo Siang and Mr. Be Sik Tjong, then began plans to establish educational institutions.

Coinciding with the 2500th commemoration Tjising Khong Tjoe which was celebrated in Kong Tik Soe building on Saturday, August 27, 1949 or the ‚ÄėImlek Jit Lun Gwee, 4-2500‚Äô, Kauw Khong Hwee Association Semarang started trying to raise funds for the establishment of literacy classes, by publishing of ‚ÄúThe2500th commemoration of ‚ÄėTjising Khong Tjoe‚ÄĚ (Peringetan Tjising Khong Tjoe 2500) book as many as 3000 books. Advantages of advertising amounted to 800 rupiahs and added a cash donation from Mr. Be Tjong Sik 1000 rupiahs is used for the manufacture of wooden chairs and tables‚Äô in a cheap price.

Right, on Sunday, January 1, 1950 began the education of “ERADICATION OF ILLITERATED COURSES Khong Kauw Hwee SEMARANG" ( sau tjhuk wen mang siek siao’ does that mean the eredication of illiterate) in Kong Tik Soe building, Gang Lombok 60 Semarang. For the first time, it was attended by 60 students, mostly children of refugees.

The ssubjects  are Indonesian, Mandarin, numeracy and character education primarily as a pillar of education courses. At that time, the lessons given 'provided' can read, write and count. Education is given only for a year, after it was replaced by a new participant.

Education held without collecting any fees from parents and is reserved for students from disadvantaged families in the material. At that time, even the lives of refugees and the local communities of Gang Lombok are still many who live below the poverty line, but the parents have realized the importance of education, looks more and more children are enrolled in school.

Until the year 1951 course participants increased to 170 students, but because of limited facilities and infrastructure especially education funds 'forced' lecturers reject students who register. The increasing operational costs, not less 700 rupiahs per month. And teachers who willing to teach only three people.

To be able to open a school house, financial resources must be strong..Much more for a house that did not collect school fees, financial resources - should be strong and secure when the school was going to run and make plans

At this course begins, the Society for Khong Kauw Hwee still held by the board period in 1947, for the advancement of education includes the organizational structure of the particular work that is:
Education Section 
Chairman    : Be Sik Tjong.
Authors      : Tjoa Tjiauw Liem.
Treasurer    : Lie Ing Liem.
Assistant     : The Sing Hwie, Theng See Tong, The Ping Swie, Kwee Ek Hoo, Hauw Biauw Sheng and Tan Tjong Ien


Reading Section
Executives  : Tan Sing Hwie.
Assistant    : Tjiong Tjwan Hien and Ong Yoe Lhien

Publishing Section
Executives : Tjoa Tjiauw Liem.
Assistant   : Oei Sioe Hien and Tan Kie Sian

Objective the establishment of educational institutions re-affirmed Khong Kauw Hwee by Mr. Tjoa Tjiauw Liem: "Thus by association we have chosen to help otherkids who neglected, so that they can receive education at least, hoping in their future later, they get life demands properly to be good people in behaviour.‚ÄĚ

Along with the advancement of education and increasing numbers of students to 230 students, then in 1952 the course enhanced the status of a

" Khong Kauw Children Education Center Semarang"


Year 1953, the number of students increased to 300 students, so the four classrooms in Kong Tik Soe building unable to accommodate the number of the student, then Mr Ong Kiem Tjo as Chairman of the Society for Tjie Lam Tjay gave permission to use some rooms in the Tay Kak Sie Temple.

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Education curriculum synchronized with the Lower School or the School of the People, but because of limited funds for education and teaching staff and classroom facilities, resulting TPA Khong Kauw only able to provide education for six years starting from kindergarten until the fourth grade elementary school, thus not able to grant their students and consequently have not received permission to issue a diploma; this teaching lasted until 1979/1980. Meanwhile the six-year graduate study is intended as a certificate that the concerned students really TPA Khong Kauw who have completed education up to class 4, and may be used to continue into the fifth and sixth grade at another school.




The beginning Khong Kauw standing, operational cost of education supported by 95 'monthly funds suport' and 135 ‚Äėdonor‚Äô. Along with the development of education and the increasing number of students is also increasing its operational costs, because of that Khong Kauw Hwee Officers raise funds through the issuance of Confucius books. Each publication of a book accompanied by good advertising of personal or corporate name. Advertisers are not only limited to residents of Semarang, but only people who come from outside Semarang.

Publishing of books administered by the Section, Mr. Tjoa Tjiauw Liem, Mr Oei Sioe Hien and Mr Tan Kie Sian, while the manuscript is the work of Mr. Lie Ping Lien. On November 1, 1950 printed God Prayer Book, February 15, 1951 printed¬† The History of ‚ÄėKhong Tjoe and His lessons‚Äô, and on March 1, 1952 printed the Book of Tay Hak, the next on November 15, 1958 printed Tai Tji Tjhuan, and it reprinted in 1963, 1967, 1972 and 1980.

Khong Kauw Children Education Center Semarang

Khong Kauw Children Education Center Semarang was established in 1950. It has started with 60 children, so now increased to 300 people childhood.
The purpose of helping impoverished children and / or displaced by free because:
a. Unable to pay expense of the school.
b. Unable to attend school since the age and / or causes the other.

They were given a scroll to write math lessons and educational character, so that they will become good people in behaviour.
Plan lessons 4 (four) years ever.
When in the age of  14 or 15 years, they were given lessons carpentry two years, so after graduated  they can seek a living and how those who still have the desire to learn can follow the courses, just to add and expand their lessons.
The tools needed by a child, when people cannot truly buy it, it given for free.
THE LESSON: As much as possible lessons adjusted to the another school  / low with the hope, when their parents later cansend their children to study in other public school.
EDUCATION: For those who have the desire to help and prefer to sacrifice their power to provide education to students for free, if necessary will be sought reimbursement of some money.
FINANCIAL: Guaranteed by Khong Kauw association who received support from the donors who put sympathy to our stand, both from individuals and from agencies of the Organization.

Khong Kauw Children Education Center, Gang Lombok  60 Semarang



Pillars of education in Khong Kauw is character education. Although presented with a simple method, but the fact teachers noted many difficulties to inculcate character education, a case disclosed by Mr Tan Tiong Kwee, true proverb which says: The Ten Year Tree Planting, One Hundred Years of Human Educate, that children who come from poor families, little attention paid to education and moral guidance, because their parents from early morning until night should work for a bite of rice to sustain their lives. Very difficult to provide moral education, while they themselves are not necessarily better educated or they can give a good example for their children. So no wonder if the speech and behavior of these children become less polite, this is still often occurs in 1950 - 1952, every week one or two times a theft occurred, but gradually thanks to persistence and patience of the teachers, until about 1957 shameful incident fade away, there were three problems that do not mean petty theft, theft in 1958 happened two minor performed by a seven year old child. Thus the efforts of teachers in character education, in fact not simple moral responsibility for moral education students. Just clothing and food for those poor children to still be guaranteed by their parents, but the knowledge and moral education, an essential requirement for them and important guidelines for the people useful to society and the state.

Character education is not only taught in the classroom but also form of activities conducted outside the classroom such as looked arround  the oranges plantation owned by Mr. Louw Tjhiu Hwa in Panjangan. This activity is well to know the honesty of students. There were many orange trees which  the fruits are ripe and yellow, but none of the students had dared to take them, although there were many which fellt on the ground.
Besides moral education, character education also taught about health education, because students from poor family backgrounds so they neglact about health. Health is closely related to cleanliness because it taught students themselves as well as aspects of environmental hygiene in order to realize the importance of hygiene for health. For students who are sick, TPA Khong Kauw always provides medicines.



On March 30, 1954, courses carpentry or craft course officially opened, the boys are taught carpentry skills, rattan craft, make insect repellent, masks, children's toys, making and repairing shoes, sandals and learn to cut hair, while for women are taught skills of embroidery, sewing, making purses, making bread.

Education is managed by the craft skills and aim after completing education up to grade four, students can directly work. Constraints on the early establishment of vocational education, among others, because the guild has no experience and no carpentry school which can be used as reference materials, there were only handy craft or the High School Carpentry with complete equipment. Gradually all the difficulties can be overcome thanks to the courage and perseverance of teaching skills.

The students' work sold at Kauw Khong Stores, market stalls Jaik Johar and sold on the anniversary of the arrival Kong-Co Poo Sing Tay Tee-Co and the arrival of Kong-Co Sam Poo Tay Jin. All income from the students' work is used for operational costs of education.

Exhibition of students' work was first held on October 2 to 3, 1954, then in succession,  June 19 to 20, 1955, August 16 to 17, 1955, December 8 to 9 June 1956,  August 4 to 5,  1956, May 28 to 29, 1957, July 25 to 28,  1957, June 16 to 18, 1958, August 13 to 15, 1958. Items on display include sculptures, masks, toys, lanterns, and a variety of souvenirs.
Results crafts attracted Mr.  Alex Langhof from the United States, he visited the Khong Kauw Stores around December 1968. Her presence is received by Mr Lie Ping Lien and Mr Lie Hoo Soen. He admired the arts which produced with very simple equipment.

After studying at Khong Kauw, after arriving home, some students open repair shoes, sandals, weaving rattan or a carpentry labor. Students may begin to live independently; this is very helpful and relieves the financial burden of their parents. .

What is
Khong Kauw Children Education Center?

It’s a social agency that provides education to poor children
free of charge, up to 4th grade elementary school  level 
Plus moral education and handicraft lessons.
Based on Confucianism teaching - Pancasila.



Not stopping to give a formal education and skills, schools also provide art education, like singing, playing traditional musical instruments such as the Yang-Khiem, flute, tonil, drama or theater arts, and Po The Hie puppet shows. Arts education was raised by Mr Kwee Ek Hoo, who is very good at using traditional musical instruments.
Khong Kauw students proficiency play a musical instrument often featured in various requests of friendship.  March 24, 1955, a visit in Tanah Putih Orphanage, students performs music Yang- Khiem and other musical instruments. The second visiting was on August 17, 1956, besides musical performances Yang-Khiem, also singing along with Pho The Hie puppet shows and Wushu.

Likewise on December 25 to 26  1957, entered into a field trip to Rembang and Juwana, Mr. Sam Kauw Hwee welcomed  this visit, Tiong Hoa Hwee Kwan building in Rembang has been overrun by the audience who had to stand up . The event was held with great fanfare, students show musical performances Yang Khiem and flute accompanied by singing. Mr LieThiam Kong as Secretary Sam Kauw Hwee Rembang said: "The arrival of Khong Kauw Children Education from Semarang is not harming at all. All the children  sleep on mats in Tiong Hoa Hwee Kwan old building , moreover they bring their own food from Semarang, do not want to distress or inconvenience to the host, it’s a very good example. "

Students also practice exercises of Tai Chi Chuan which is consists of 108 stances, this exercise is aim to maintain health and trained patience. Wushu ; formerly called Kun-Thauw, are taught to train the body strength. There are many students follow both sports.
Toneel show or Tjoe-Tee-Hie, is a substitute word drama that comes from the Dutch language. For the first time, Toneel played by Khong Kauw students on July 8, 1951 to thank to their donaturs, sympathizers. The second Toneel was held on October 12 to 13, 1951, the third Toneel was held on   February 2, 1952, the fourth Toneel was held on February 22, 1953 was held in the same day as the soft opening of new classrooms at Tay Kak Sie Temple, the fifth Toneel on February 7, 1954, the sixth Toneel on January 29, 1955 and The seventh Toneel on June 2, 1957, was played on Kids Day. The event was attended by Tanah Putih Orphanage, both boys and girls and also Hong Bun Hwee students.


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